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Long Range interactions

Long-range interactions, decaying as an inverse power of the inter-particle distance, are relevant in many areas of physics, such as stellar dynamics, plasma physics, ultracold quantum gas physics or cavity QED. The dynamics of systems consisting of a large number of particles interacting via long-range forces (i.e. galaxies, star clusters, plasmas, charged particles beams etc.) is often dominated by collective effects making their modellization easier with a mean field approach in terms of the collisionless Boltzmann (or Vlasov) equation. Moreover, unusual thermodynamical properties, such as negative specific heat, anticorrelation of temperature and density or anomalous diffusion may also arise in such class of systems. In this framework we study the the relaxation and evolution of long-range interacting systems subjected to a stochastic or deterministic external driving as well as the contribution of inter-particle collisions.    

Home page - Ricerca - Long Range interactions

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