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Centro Interdipartimentale per lo Studio delle Dinamiche Complesse - CSDC
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Sportello della Scienza e della Sostenibilità is a pilot project that aims at establishing an ideal link between citizens and the diverse and variegated world of Universities and Research.


It makes it possible: 


for citizens to ask questions and/or direct specific requests to the University. The requests are scrutinized and elaborated by a team that involve the proponent themselves, so as to enlarge the audience of interested actors. If possible, dedicated research projects are delineated following this preliminary assessment. The projects will be carried on by students under the supervision by experienced researchers.


for researchers to develop specific lines of investigation which are close to their domain of expertise, but tackled under a specific angle which enables for social impact to be eventually gauged.


for students to undertake supervised activities which constitute a unique occasion to test their own abilities and expertise, as gained during conventional training tracks 


The results of the research are disseminated in public events, as e.g. Caffè-Scienza or via the usual channels, web, facebook, youtube. The “Sportello” initiative is sponsored by the EU project InSPIRES and it is part of the EUN Civic University proposal.





Giovanna Pacini, Manager of the “Sportello della Scienza e della Sostenibilità”

Franco Bagnoli, Responsible of the “Sportello della Scienza e della Sostenibilità”

last update: 04-Mar-2020
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