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Centro Interdipartimentale per lo Studio delle Dinamiche Complesse - CSDC

Aims of the Center

One of the main goals of CSDC is to act as the reference Center for research activities of interdisciplinary breath. To this end CSDC acts as the natural reference contact for non academic  Institutions, as e.g. local authorities, associations and entrepreneurs, so as to make eventually available the rich and diverse expertise which define the core of fundamental research.  CSDC works at the definition and successive realization of research projects, stimulated by the interaction with the aforementioned partners, in fields which range from territory management to econometric analysis, from pharmacology and gene therapy to computational neuroscience, from engineering novel material to devising innovative solutions for automation and control. 


CSDC aims at promoting scientific culture via cross-disciplinary projects, and to coordinate fund raising events which are targeted to providing the necessary financial support to the planned initiatives. Members of CSDC shares identical duties and opportunities, in a stimulating environment which helps bridging disciplinary gaps.     


Importantly, CSDC contributes to the training of PhD and Master students, by developing apt strategies tailored to face the challenges of complexity. To this end, it is worth recalling that CSDC members are actively involved in several PhD Schools based at the University of Florence. The PhD School in Information Engineering host in particular a thematic curriculum in Control, Optimization and Complex Systems.

last update: 04-Mar-2020
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